Our photovoltaic power plants benefit from the best design and construction warranties. We ensure their operation and maintenance so they remain reliable and sustainable investments.


Escalating electricity prices create a favourable context to invest in renewable energies, and especially solar energy that offers an opportunity for responsible investment, combining economic performance and a concern for the environment.

The electricity generation model is evolving towards a system of smaller, decentralised installations and thus towards an increase in the number of renewable energy plants. Moreover, the lowering costs of photovoltaic components and rising costs of electricity for consumers creates a convergence whereby the gap between renewable energy prices and those of conventional electricity sources is closing fast.

Investing in photovoltaics has become extremely simple as the cost of infrastructures is easy to predict. There is also clear visibility as to future yields thanks to tariffs guaranteed over a 20-year period with the opportunity, following that period, of self-consuming the power or selling it to other consumers who will then benefit from savings on their electricity bills. Finally, such investments come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty and insurance against operation losses.

There are a variety of investment options, including shares, bonds and current accounts. These allow for stable annual revenues and yields well above those for usual and riskier investment products, and all comes hand-in-hand with tax incentives.